The City of Secrets

The city and their Souks

Walking down streets of Marrakech is like walking down inclosed corridors, which all happen to have doors. There will be no indication as to which secret that particular entry holds, but you will find the best-kept secrets behind these doors.

Marrakech is filled with washed, coral-colored buildings. It is said that the buildings are painted that color to mask the dusty remnants the sand leaves when the wind carries the grains and hits the buildings, leaving a rose-colored residue which stains them that particular hue. People of all sorts stroll the streets. Draped in robes (jailable), with respect for the religion as Islam heavily influences it, ninety-nine percent of the Marrakech population is Muslim. The callings of the Asr early evening Salat, are heard like whispers from the loudspeakers which drown the air, at approximately five in the evening each day.

Colors are known to, influence your mood and awaken specific physiological reactions. Mid-January, though cold in Marrakech, the color of the sky still manages to awaken a feeling of warmth and peace. The breeze of the air forces the leaves of the palm trees to sway back and forth, which resembles what it must look like for trees to dance.

In the marketplace, the souks, come alive at night – performers dancing to the sounds. The rhythm of the bells and the beat of the drums force the performers’ bodies to jerk with the music as well as move the crowd.

Berber farmers inhabit Ourika Valley mountains. This part of Marrakech reveals the duality of the city. There you will find a vast rural area, mountains, and farm animals. Afous, which means hand in Arabic, is a market that sits, between the hills.
In the Afous market, you can find middle-aged Moroccan women grinding argan nuts for oil and butter while singing traditional melody’s, which parallels a loud pitch scream of someone who is calling upon a high power.

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The City of Secrets

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