Riad Adore

94 Derb Tizzougarine Dar el Bacha Marrakech، Marrakesh 40000, Morocco


The blue door will let you know that you have arrived at the Riad Adore. Painted periwinkle blue embellished with gold numerics enters you into the sanctum.

The Riad Adore is a boutique hotel that incorporates modern aspects but simultaneously mocks the aesthetic of a traditional Moroccan home. As you enter the threshold of multi-colored Tadelakt tiled floors, you’ll find an enclosed courtyard where a fountain sits.

The sounds of the droplets cascading out of the fountain echoes through the corridor of the vestibule. The blue stained interior awakens the feeling of serenity, as the color blue exerts a calming and peaceful effect.

The outward appearance of Riad will never be a suggestion as to what’s behind that hard exterior nor will prepare you for what’s to come.

The Riad Adore houses ten rooms, which all have names that reflect some significance of the owner. In each room, the walls are adorned with a custom djellaba to reflect the persona of that room.

One of this Riad’s specialties is their traditional Moroccan breakfast spread that comes with hand-squeezed orange juice, which you can enjoy on the rooftop reading a book from their library.

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