Fella Hotel

L’Ourika،, Route de Marrakech, El Jadida, Morocco


Thirty minutes outside of Marrakech, you arrive at the world of Fellah Hotel. The secluded realm composed of ten villas, all except for two come with a pool. Each villa comfortably fits eight people. As soon as you enter the area, the sweet scent of bucolic surroundings greets your nose.

Arriving at the Hotel, you are greeted by a personal bag chauffeur who will lug your belongings down the cement walkway. Each stride took, your feet land on the ground that has been decorated by plants and rustic tree houses that seclude the pathway leading you to the dusty mauve painted villa. Inside, the villa houses high ceilings embellished with traditional chandeliers and Moroccan relics which decorates the room. In the rooms are Tadelakt, (lime plaster, which is polished and treated with soap) walls engraved in Arabic dictums which fill the air with warm and positive life affirmations.

On the exterior, fenced off on the adjacent lateral, is a farm, where all of the ingredients from the Hotels restaurants are sourced. True, farm to table.

In Arabic, Fellah means Farmer, and when, French/ Algerian owner constructed the Hotel, he longed to create something authentic and different. Fellah is the epitome of unique, as it is much more than a hotel. It serves as a getaway that allows you to escape to the spa, gym, restaurant, library, farm or outdoor pool where you can lie and stare at the untarnished blue sky and listen to the wind carry the calls of the dancing water.

Lose the world to find yourself at Fellah.

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